Recover Thickening Conditioner by Actiiv

Recover Thickening Conditioner


Developed from the science of nutraceuticals, Actiiv Recover Thickening conditioner is the second step in the Actiiv Recover Line. This is a non-daily, unisex conditioner to be used after the Recover Thickening Treatment. Optimizing scalp health leads hair to feel fuller, look thicker, and perform better as if re-established to a more luxurious, youthful, healthier head of hair.

After beginning Actiiv Thickening Cleansing Treatment one can expect less hair damage, and thicker, fuller feeling hair starting in as little as 2-6 weeks. Actiiv Recover Thickening Cleansing Treatments for Men and Women are for noticeably thinning hair and Excessive hair breakage.