Community Involvement

Our local Sport Clips stores and Team Members are making a difference across the United States!

Sport Clips recognizes that each community has needs, and that being involved means building relationships. It means stepping in, bridging gaps, and working selflessly to positively affect the lives of others. Sport Clips team members embrace the spirit of caring and giving of themselves. We believe there is value in working towards a common philanthropic goal – it enriches the lives of all those who participate.

From providing haircuts for the homeless to supporting school fundraisers to volunteering at local events, we believe that “givers always gain.” When you are involved in your community, everyone benefits. On a local level, our stores across the country are involved in their communities through organizations like Play 4 Kay in North Carolina, Shear da Beard in Pennsylvania, Ronald McDonald House in California, Make A Wish in South Carolina, Cam’s Closet in Philadelphia, and many, many more. When you get involved in your community, and in some small way make a difference in someone’s life, no amount of money can buy that feeling. 

Team Member standing with Sporty collecting funds for American Red Cross at Christmas.jpg team members standing around chalkboard sign group of parents and children wearing vests displaying peace with handsgroup of people standing around giant paper check football player getting beard shaved four people holding giant paper check