American Red Cross


Sport Clips is Proud to Support the american red cross

Every two seconds, someone in the U.S. needs a blood transfusion. Volunteer donors are the only source of blood and platelets for those in need of transfusions. Sport Clips and the American Red Cross began their partnership in 2009 in the Carolinas by offering donors a coupon for a free haircut.  By encouraging people who are in good health to donate, our goal is to help to ensure hospital patients have the blood and platelets they need to make a full recovery. Blood is needed to help treat a variety of patients including accident victims and individuals undergoing surgery and cancer treatment.

Our partnership has expanded each year and in 2014 our Saving Lives Never Looked So Good! campaign was launched nationally in support of blood and platelet collections through the month of September - historically, a time of year when the national blood inventory system experiences a decrease in blood and platelet donations.

During Sport Clips September 2015 Saving Lives Never Looked so Good! Campaign, the American Red Cross red cell units reached 96.8% of the donation goal and platelet collections reached 97.8% of goal which represented a 3.9% increase year over year.  Our commitment to the American Red Cross continues annually, and Sport Clips team members and clients understand that the need for blood and platelets never goes away, and is often drastically increased when disasters strike. We share in the desire to give back to the community in which we live and work to help others.

For more information on lifesaving blood donations please consider Giving the Gift of Life.